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Video Diary - Day 16

I'm Back!


Welcome to Day 16 of the video diary, and Happy Halloween. Today was much better than yesterday. Just kind of a little bit overwhelmed yesterday and just wanted to get the bare minimum done, which is going to the gym and making sure I hit my calorie deficit with all the work I had. Today just felt a lot better. I knew I had to do a double session at the gym today, and yeah, I got a lot of work done.

Still went to the gym, did my workout, it was leg day, then left the gym to go upstairs to take a phone call, and then went back down to do one kilometre sprints with half that time in break. So just about 34 minutes of those sprints. And I just always feel amazing after a run. Like always. It just really, it gives me more energy, which doesn't make sense because you, because you'd think it would tire me out more. We'll see tomorrow now. But the rest of the day since then has been great. Just really focused on getting worked on hitting my calorie deficit planning meals. I had made a triple decker Irish breakfast sandwich just before going to the gym. And then I had a salmon and cream cheese bagel, and now I've got a really nice kind Konjac noodle pasta dish for dinner coming and of course, an ice cream to make me feel like I'm not in a diet.

The scales has jumped back up. So I was 6.3kg down yesterday. I'm 5.6kg down today. I think the important thing is this doesn't bother me in the slightest. I know I'm in a calorie deficit. I know the scales is going to go down, and I think that's maybe something that might affect a lot of people, but when I step in the scales, I just check what the number is, give myself the data point and move on. At some point a plateau will happen. That's just natural. But I'm not worried when I see a jump in the scales, I know I hit my deficit. I can't defy the laws of thermodynamics. If I'm in a deficit, I have to blast body fat despite what the scales said.

If I was maybe closer to my maintenance calories, it might be a little bit concerning, but I'm in such a big deficit at 2,200 calories - for the amount of exercise I do, for the amount of muscle I hold, for my overall age, weight, sex and height - that seeing a jump in the scales doesn't bother me. So I know I'm in a significant deficit, and that's kind of super important because if you get emotionally attached to the scales, it's a recipe to give up and quit. I'm kind of glad I developed that mentality. I would actually expect in a 100 days for the scales to jump up at least 25 times, even if everything's done perfectly.

I did eat pretty late last night because I didn't get to the back from the gym for so late because I delayed going for so long. So that's probably the factor and why the scale's gone up. I think maybe at a slightly lower protein day, so extra carbohydrates, and then just retaining some water as well. Much better day today, feeling better about it. Hopefully the scales be back to low sixes tomorrow. I'm looking forward to getting under the 120kg mark. I like to set these mini goals, so below 120kg is a nice one, hitting that 119kg on the scales, and moving on from there.

It's going to be double sessions of exercise pretty much every day for the rest of the week apart from the one day that I don't do the gym, but I'm due to do cardio every day until Sunday. That's going to be a bit of effect on the body, but I think once I get through this week, it's going to be much more manageable for me. I'm not going to feel as tired all the time because the jump exercise is going to be minimal. It's going to be trying to do a little bit more on my runs. It's just going to be trying to add a rep or some weight in the gym, and it's not the massive jump of going from no exercise to a full week of exercise. Then going from a full week of exercise to three days of cardio on top of the full week of exercise. Then this week is now six days of cardio, six days of gym and steps as well on top of that. And I think from next week, once my body gets used to the twelve sessions plus the steps, I think I'll hopefully have more energy.

And that's it. Day 16 in the books.

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