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Video Diary - Day 17

New PB in the Gym!


Alright, welcome to the video diary for Day 17. We are 6.1kg down on the scales. My weight has kind of remained pretty stagnant, but it's nothing I'm worried about. I know I'm in a calorie deficit also, I've been building quite a lot of up muscle. Today I smashed a PB on my deadlift, which is really nice to get in. And so I know I'm building muscle.

So even though the weighing scales is staying the same, which is obviously frustrating, the aim of the game is really body fat loss. And so if I'm building muscle, the weighing scales will go up. And if it stays the same and while I'm building muscle, then I have to be losing body fat. So 6.1kg is still great 17 days in.

Today I had another toasted Irish breakfast sandwich. They are unbelievable. The triple deckers. I also had some protein porridge, making sure I'm getting my fibre intake. I used kind of 50% whole meal bread for my sandwich as well.

Today was a pull day session and then I followed that up with some boxing at the gym for, it was 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off for 15 sets. It was killer, but it was good. I'm enjoying the cardio. Running is going to become the focus. I really want to focus on my 5K time because it's so bad compared to what it was 14 months ago.

But I'll start doing the spin wheel and that would be a lot of fun for three days of my cardio every week. And that's really it. Nothing else to write home about. It. Was yet another bank holiday here. Tried to go to the supermarket, it was shut again, so I ended up just going to a local one. But yeah, that's the frustration of living in Spain. There's always a supermarket that's going to be closed. There's always a bank holiday.

So yeah, that's it. Day 17 in the books.

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