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Video Diary - Day 20

Steps are struggling!


Alright, welcome to the video diary for Day 20. I am 6.2kg down on the scales. That is just about 25% of what I want to lose in 20% of the days. Now there has not been a lot of movement on the scales this week. It's a little bit annoying, but I know I've lost body fat and the reason I know I've lost body fat is that I am lifting much heavier weights than I was three weeks ago in the gym. Some of which I've never been able to lift before, which is great, but that means I've put on muscle.

And so if I put on muscle and the weighing scales is staying around the same, then I would've have to have lost body fat in order for the weighing scales to stay the same. Now unfortunately, that doesn't bring me any closer to my goal of the 25kg in 100 days, but it's still a positive, so I'm kind of happy with that. Today was a pretty lazy day in general. We went out for lunch today, really nice lunch. It's probably 1200 calories I estimated is what I consumed. Since then, I've eaten almost nothing. I think I had a mini bag of crisps, like an 80 calorie bag and an ice cream, which isn't the best. But I wanted just something small to keep me going.

At the very last minute, got to the gym. It wasn't a weights day, but I had to get cardio done today and so I did a slow 5K run, really slow place, almost like a recovery run, which kind of ticked off two birds of one stone because I hit my 10,000 steps as I finished one the last minute of the run. So that was nice to tick both those off. Now I'm way behind. I'm not sure exactly how far behind, but I think I'd have to have something like a 20,000 step day, maybe more tomorrow in order to reach my goal for the week, which is slightly annoying. If there's one goal I would want to miss out on is probably steps, but the exercise going great and there'll be a run tomorrow. There'll be a weights session tomorrow. There might even be some Irish dancing tomorrow.

We'll have a long walk with the dogs in the morning, very busy day tomorrow. So maybe I'll get close to the step goal. But yeah, I'm about to have some dinner now. It's very late, but I have still some calories to use. Even if I'm conservative, and I say I had 1400 calories at lunch today (which was my first meal of the day), then I should still have something around 600 calories for dinner now, which is plenty if you know how to use them.

So yeah, so pretty good day. Newcastle won, which is what I was most concerned about today. And that is it.

Day 20 in the books.

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