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Video Diary - Day 22

3 Weeks In!


Welcome to the video diary for Day 22. I was 6.1kg down the scale this morning. Kind of annoying. I thought I might get closer to 7kg, but I jumped back up. Not a lot I could do about it. I did a good bit of exercise yesterday, maybe ate a little late, some undigested food, but I thought I was going to be good and it was going to be a drop, but nope, that's the way the weighing sales goes.

So we'll take after three weeks, we'll take definitely 6.1 kilos, but hopefully I'm going to hit 7kg pretty soon. I'll be surprised if it's not in the next few days. Today is my busiest day, so I have all my client check-ins, got those done and then went to the gym and did a double session at the gym. I was going to use Monday as a single session, but I hadn't done a double session on Sunday, so I didn't want to take another day off doing a double session. And I think if I'm more productive with my work and getting that done, it sets me up just better for the week. Getting the double session - My weights session was a push session, new PB on my bench press and my cardio session was sprints. So I did two and a half minutes at a much higher pace and one and a quarter minute rest. I did that five times and then I did just one minute at the very end at super, super high sprint pace. I could even feel my hamstring.

Yeah, pretty good day. I had my first red meat of the programme, so I made this kind of steak wrap with goats cheese and red onion chutney, some Philadelphia and some actual red onion. It was delicious and then some crisps and an ice cream and that was it for the day. That beef, goats cheese and chutney wrap is going to come back at some point. It was delicious.

Pretty happy with today. Got a lot done and yeah, we'll move on to tomorrow where we will be doing the spin the wheel for the first time this week. So I'm excited for that. That's it.

Day 22 in the books.

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