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Video Diary - Day 23

My True Diet!


Welcome to the video diary for Day 23. Really good day today. I played tennis with my girlfriend, kicked her ass in the end, had to got a bit bored, had to play mini tennis at net just to stop her from crying. I'm only joking.

And then we went to the gym. Got an exciting announcement coming up that I've been working on for so long, so that's coming up soon. So yeah, really nice day. It had been a month or two since I played a bit of tennis, so that was cool.

A lot of the times when you see my videos, you'll see me with snacks and crisps and ice cream and I want to have a quick chat about that. So I had, as you'll see in the video, the Nando's Peri-Peri slow cooked chicken, which was just awful. Really, really bad. Just no flavour whatsoever, which is the opposite of what should happen when you're slow cooking. So I just wanted to give people maybe a better picture because in the videos you only see the nicest stuff.

So today I had 2,180 calories. I had my protein porridge for breakfast, 440 calories, 60g of protein. Then I had the garlic wrap that you saw for lunch. Now my breakfast was probably at 12pm, my lunch was probably at 5pm. When I ate breakfast I put on the slow cooker. And so the dinner was the Peri Peri. So the lunch that wrap was 807. It's a lot of calories and there was some extra chicken that you didn't see that went into that wrap. Then the dinner was that. And then I had snacks. So I had the monster munch pack and an ice cream sandwich, but those snacks were only 244 calories. And so out of 2,180 calories, it's just over 10% of my calories are going towards those snacks. And sometimes in the videos people just think that's all I'm eating is these snacks. And it's not. I've had a pretty nutritious day of eating. Like onions, peppers, lots of chicken, chicken thighs, chicken breast, herbs, spices, fibre from oats.

So yeah, just that is a better picture for you of how I like to eat in a day. Now it varies. I have a few different breakfasts, few different lunches and a few different dinners. But yeah, that's it. And I think it's important for people to know that I'm not just eating snacks all the time, that it's like 10 to 20% of my diet.

So anyway, on the scales down 6.4 kilos, that is not ideal. Obviously as I've said before, I wanted to get past the 7kg at this stage, and hit the 119kg mark, but I know it's coming, it's just a matter of time.

I just did a little bit of work working on this announcement. Stay tuned for that and played tennis, which was nice. And the gym. So that's it.

Day 23 in the books.

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