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Video Diary - Day 25

And now below 120kg!


Alright, welcome to the video diary for Day 25. Today has been one of the worst days so far. I have no energy... zero energy. Went for a business meeting earlier and the person I was with was almost laughing at me because they'd say something and I couldn't even concentrate. And that's one of the things with being in a significant calorie deficit and then pushing yourself so hard to exercise, there's going to be days where your brain is just like, fuck this. And that was today.

Despite that, I got to the gym but very late, I think like 7:00 or 8:00 PM and did my push session and then followed that up with a 5K run - on the treadmill. So not quite as hard as running outside, but I did run that 5K in 30 minutes, which is three minutes, 43 seconds faster than the one I did outside on day 15, 16 or 17. I'm very happy with that. Obviously with the weight dropped and just from running a bit more over the last few weeks, I've dramatically improved my runs, which is great.

Now, maybe outside that would've been a 32 minute 5K, I don't know. I'll find out this weekend. But yeah, just very happy with that. And once I'm in the gym, I'm really good at pushing myself, but My God, did I not want to go to the gym. I get asked a lot, how do you have the motivation? I don't, I don't have the motivation, I have the habit. And so I go and that's it. I really don't have the motivation. You couldn't have less motivation to go to the gym than I had today.

Other than that I'm 7.2 kilos off on the scales. But the most pleasing part of that is that I've finally got under the 120 kilo mark to 119.9 kilos. So that's amazing. I'm just super happy with that. That was a mini goal. And so I suppose the next mini goal is the eight kilo mark, which hopefully will be sooner rather than later.

Diet wise, today I had a frittata for breakfast. I had a smoked salmon bagel that you'll see in the video for lunch, which is delicious. I put so much salmon and so much Philadelphia on my bagel, the bagel comes out to like 670 calories, which for me is fine. Obviously if you had less calories to play with, I would tailor it back. I'd probably half the Philadelphia and half the salmon as the salmon is where most of the calories come from there.

Then for dinner, I had to eat some of that shitty Nando's Peri-Peri thing that I did the other day because it was like a three meal prep thing. So I had that and I put it into a wrap with some low-fat cheese thinking that would make it even better. It was soggy. It was disgusting. I'm absolutely appalled at that recipe.

But then I got to finish off with some protein ice cream - a banana and brownie ice cream. And then I crushed this Chips Ahoy bar into the ice cream for 332 calories. Half a tub of the ice cream is just less than 200 calories. And then the 140 calorie bar. I probably ate that snack a little bit early because I think I ate at 10:30 and then I still had to work. I think I was up past 1:00 AM and I was definitely hungry, but I have my deficit. I'm going to stick to it even if I'm hungry. If I was smarter and knew I was going to stay up that late, I would've delayed it to at least 11:30.

Really happy with how things are going, but my energy is just rock bottom. Motivation is rock bottom. But there's some things that are keeping me going: hitting that better 5K time; hitting the 119kg on the scales. So positives despite the lack of energy, lack of concentration and lack of all around brain power. So that's it.

Day 25 in the books.

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