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Video Diary - Day 26

Food Coma!


All right. Welcome to the video diary for Day 26. So a huge movement on the scales this morning, I was stuck at five and six kilos for so long, hit seven kilos, hit 7.2 kilos, and then straight to 8.1 kilos, which is massive.

I'm going to apologise now. I have no energy. I am in a food coma. I saved all my calories today for dinner. I only ate 500 calories all day despite doing massive exercise because we were going to my favourite restaurant in Marbella, and it was delicious. And I used all 1700 calories I had saved. All I ate today was at 11:00 AM I had a protein porridge and then went for 10,000 steps with the dogs and then came back, had a bag of crisps for 80 calories, and then went to the gym. And at the gym I did a leg session and then did the spin the wheel result of 3000 skips. That is the most annoying exercise I've ever done in my life. I am a bit like a volcano. I'm very calm until I explode. And I got super angry at the gym today. It wasn't the fact that it was 3000 skips. I actually didn't find that difficult but what I did find super annoying was failing a skip multiple times. I just trying to get it going and failing. And over 3000 skips, that's a lot. I broke it up into 100 skips, 30 second break, and did that 30 times. But there was just times where I wasn't tired. My arms are a little tired, my legs were fine, my lungs were fine, and my heart rate was fine, but I'd fail a skip and just again and again and again, and I just wanted to get it done. And I got super, super frustrated. But anyway, finished that got home, got changed, and then went out to dinner and had the most unbelievable dinner with some bread with some sauces. Then I stuck to some sashimi for my starter just to keep the protein high and the calories low. But then we shared a Chateaubriand on the stone with a baked potato and some pepper sauce. And this is the best restaurant in the area. It's called El Carnicero. And so now I'm in a full food coma. I can barely talk. I'm super tired and I just want to go to bed. But I feel great like hitting the 8.2.

I will not be in the eight kilos tomorrow. So much salt, so much carbohydrates that I would definitely have some water retention in the morning. I could even have more than a kilo of water attention. I could be back to the sixes tomorrow. But again, it's not body fat. I hit a deficit today so I definitely have lost body fat. I'll just have put on a lot of water weight, which will filter out over the next 48 hours. And I should be hopefully still in the 8s by the start of next week. So that's it.

Day 26 in the books.

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