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Video Diary - Day 27

The Dark Night Rises!


Welcome to the video diary for Day 27. Somewhat unbelievably, I am still 8.1 kilos, down on the scales today. I'm actually shocked. I was expecting to go to even below seven kilos. I ate quite a lot of salt and quite a lot of carbohydrates yesterday. Now I still stuck to my deficit, but I was expecting some water retention and definitely expecting a jump on the scales, but it didn't happen. I'm pretty happy with that.

So yeah, exact same weight this morning. 119 kilos flat. So hopefully I'm actually now going to expect a bigger drop on the scales over the next few days because there's definitely going to be water retention. So once that filters out over the next 48 hours, hopefully I'll be down closer to nine kilos, which will be awesome.

Today I have eaten almost nothing so far. I found some Irish black pudding at a supermarket here. So I made my Irish breakfast wrap this morning and I this afternoon for my first meal, and I added the black pudding to it and it actually overpowered it. And I kind of regret getting it because the whole, my Irish breakfast wrap normally is somewhere around 500 calories, and that added 200 calories to it just by adding two slices of black pudding. Ot kind of destroyed sandwich, but it's so good when it's eaten by itself.

Since then, all I've had is an ice cream and we went and walked the dogs today, 10,000 steps, and I'm at 13,000 now because I'm just back in - which is why I'm dressed like this - from a 5K where I took four and a half minutes off the time that I did less 13 days ago. So I'm really happy with that. Now, the time two weeks ago was done on a flat course. This was done on a slight downhill course. It was 40 metres downhill over the course of the 5K, so it's slightly easier, but still four and a half minutes even with that is amazing. I couldn't be happier with that, which yeah, it's just great.

So huge, huge improvement in my running. Huge improvement on the scales, huge improvement in my strength. So a lot of the kind of hard work is paying off right now. I'm sure there'll be weeks where I plateau: in performance in the gym; in performance on the runs; on the weighing scales. But when the going's good, make sure to take time to enjoy those wins because that's going to keep you going when the going gets tough. That sounds like the worst amount of puns ever.

Today was a super relaxed day otherwise, just kind of chilling out after my meltdown with the skipping yesterday. And I have about 1300 calories left to eat and it is 10:48 PM so I'm going to enjoy the next couple hours eating and then off to bed. I have a double session in tomorrow, and once I do that double session, I have completed six gym sessions and six cardio sessions for the week. Haven't decided what I'm going to do cardio wise yet, but yeah, massive progress. And I think yesterday had 17,000 steps. Today I have 13,000 steps, so it should, hopefully I haven't checked, but should hopefully hit the 10,000 step average as well.

So really unbelievable week from all kind of things that I could measure myself on. And that's it.

Day 27 in the books.

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