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Video Diary - Day 28

BBQ Sunday!


Welcome to the video diary for Day 28. Wow. That's four weeks. The weight this morning was the same for the third day in a row. The exact same, which is kind of weird because not even a 100g up or down is a bit weird. But anyway, yeah, three days in a row at 119.0kg, hopefully see a little bit of a drop tomorrow.

Today was a nice little Sunday. I went for a big long walk with the dogs this morning. I checked my steps. I have averaged 10,700 for the week, which is great. It's by far the highest steps I've done in any week so far. And then after that, we went and had the barbecue that you'd have seen from the video. It was a good experience. We messed up some things like burnt the bacon, the potatoes were slightly undercooked even though it power boiled beforehand and there were flies everywhere. So probably not quite as nice as it looked in the video, but it was still just a nice experience, a nice kind of date that we enjoyed. And then after that came home and went to the gym, did my higher rep day of my pull session, which is incredibly tough. It's probably the hardest session I do in a week in terms of weights, just because deadlifts at high reps are incredibly taxing. And after that, I did my Instagram live, and then I did an assault bike. I burned 10 calories and then took a 30 second break. And I did that 10 times, which isn't the longest cardio session ever, but my God, is the assault bike, the hardest cardio machine. I think it's worse than the StairMaster. If you're really pushing yourself on the assault bike, your heart rate will be absolutely through the roof.

I wanted an exercise that had less impact on the body for my cardio today. My calfs are still killing me from the skips two days ago. I just find that with adding in all these kind of fun exercises from spin the wheel after the burpees, even after the tennis from serving and stuff, I'm just getting a lot of stiffness in muscles that haven't been used. If I just did weights and running, I think I probably wouldn't experience any stiffness at all. But yeah, that's part of the fun of this a hundred days, so I'm going to keep doing it. But just today I wanted a little bit less impact. So the assault bike made sense.

Eating wise, you saw what I had at the barbecue. I think that I cut the fat off the meat even though I actually logged it. So that would've saved me some calories. I think I logged round 900 calories, but I only ate half the potatoes that I had logged. I probably had an extra bit of Nando's Perinaise, but like I said, I didn't have the fat on the steak, so I'm pretty confident that I'm quite accurate. There was no oil use, no fats used, really.

So then I got home from the gym and I had a wrap very similar to the chicken chorizo and cheese one I had yesterday just added a few different ingredients just to test out some different ones. And it was way better too. Added a little mustard in, some Worcestershire sauce, some oregano, and it was delicious.

After that, I had a Snickers ice cream. I found Snickers ice creams for 180 calories. I think they're usually 220 or 250 if you get normal ones from the supermarket. But I found slightly smaller ones for 180, which is great because a mars ice cream is 130, so 180 calories for Snickers. I think it's worth that extra 50 calories for the Snickers.

Hopefully going to see a drop in the scales in the next 24-48 hours from that water retention, from the meal out the other night, leaving the body. And if I do, I'm very excited to hit the 10 kilo mark. That's the next big goal. I might not hit it over the next week, but it would be great if I did.

It would really put me in a good place to get the remaining 15 kilos in the remaining 70 days, or probably 60 days by the time I hit it. But yeah, that's it.

Day 28 in the books.

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