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Video Diary - Day 29

Worst Day So Far!


Alright, welcome to the video diary for Day 29. This has been the worst day so far, and not only have I jumped back up to 7.4kg on the scales, which is actually the smallest reason it's the worst day so far. But I'm just dead. I have no energy and no motivation to go to the gym. I had to take a two hour nap in the middle of the day because I couldn't concentrate. My body was killing me. I think it was the 5K last night that did it. On top of the skips before that. My calves were sore, my legs were sore, my brain was sore, everything was sore. So yeah, these days happen and this is definitely the lowest point of the journey in terms of just energy and feeling good. I'm sure it'll come back. I did this last time and I was able to get through it, so I'm hopeful it'll happen again. Food wise, just it was protein porridge then chicken, chorizo and cheese wrap, I think I've had that three days in a row now. It's just so good. And then for dinner, I was so tired that I had this black rice little frozen pack of kind of squid ink. It's almost like a Paella over here in Spain. And I just got a frozen pack from the supermarket here a few weeks ago. And the whole pack was like 600g and it's only 684 calories, which fits my deficit pretty well. Threw it into a pan. Sometimes over here they serve with Alioli, which is amazing. But I don't want to fit Alioli into a deficit. It's too calorific. So I made a garlic yoghurt to replace that. And yeah, it was fine. Then I had crunchy ice cream, which really good and a pack of Monster Munch.

I got to the gym, it was tough, just left it super late - obviously when I had slept in the middle of the day. I got my work done in the morning and even though I went out for a walk and I went for a run after getting my weight session done, my steps were still low.

But I was doing sprints, which I think helped me. I did two sprint sessions the week before last, and had a huge improvement in my 5k time. So I'm going to keep up doing one of my running sessions as a sprint session.

But yeah, that's it. Hopefully it's only kind of downwards on the scales and upwards in my mood from here.

Day 29 in the books.

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