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Video Diary - Day 30

Back feeling good!


Welcome to the video diary for Day 30. A much better day today, just in terms of energy and mood, not in terms of the scales. Up again on the scales for absolutely no reason whatsoever. So having gotten to 8.1kg down, yesterday I went back to 7.4kg and now I'm back to 7.1kg for literally no reason whatsoever.

I've definitely stuck to my calorie deficit and that's just the way it goes. No rhyme or reason for it. Probably some water retention, probably some undigested food, maybe some muscle built. My gym performance has been probably the best it's ever been, which is really nice in a good way, but it's not helping me get to this 25 kilo goal. So today, like I said, just way more energy, way more motivation. Got a good sleep last night. Woke up in the morning, just feeling great, bouncy, working on my app. Then I had some client check-ins and then went to see my dad and just really, really nice day.

Then we went to the gym, got my leg session done, and then because I'd spun the wheel and it ended up at handstand, I just wasn't comfortable that handstand was enough exercise. Firstly, I wasn't confident I could do it. And just standing on your hands for 30 seconds... how much are you really doing there? So I decided to hop on the StairMaster for 15 minutes and that that was grand. Not at a high speed or anything. Very slow, methodical. Climbed 50 flights of stairs and left it there.

When I got home and tried to do the handstand and that was massive failure. Really frustrating. I just can't do it. I'm too heavy to do a handstand right now, despite whatever strength I have. It's just not right for right now and I'll try it again at the end. I don't like failing anything, but it's just not where I want to be. It's not what I want to be trying right now. And so the handstand has failed, but at least I got the other cardio in to make up for it.

Food today was protein porridge. Then the trip to McDonald's, the surprise trip, which was good. It got me a lot of brownie points. And I only had McNuggets and one of the spicy buffalo sauce containers, so that's only around 500 calories. Very easy to fit into my deficit. Generally my lunch would be a bit more calories than that, but I had my lunch so late that it wasn't a big deal. I've just had dinner, the kind of weird bastardised carbonara that was really good. It's this method of cooking with the corn star kind of syrup. That is a really good way of cooking pasta and making sure egg yolks don't coagulate when you're cooking, Increases the burning point, whatever won't get into the scientific, I can't even remember it at this stage, but I added too much oregano and a little too much heat which I think I took away from it. So I'm going to try and perfect that recipe because I think I was onto something there. It was 830 calories, but I did add a load of chicken into it and without the chicken, you're talking almost exactly 500 calories for the rest of it. And you could easily just bring that up to 650 with 150 calories worth of chicken. I wanted to use these chicken thighs as they were going to go off if I didn't use them soon.

And then for snacks I had Cuquitos, my favourite crisps. I had 50g of them and a Snickers ice cream to finish up just before I've come on here. And so a really nice day of food - 2,216 calories, which is basically hitting my calorie deficit. So I don't mind if I'm 10 calories over because I'm often 30 calories under. And that's it. Yeah, much better day. Not on the scales, but just in general.

Day 30 in the books.

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