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Video Diary - Day 31

Goddamn Scales!


Welcome to the video diary for Day 31. I'm down 7.7kg today. Dunno why the scales has been my friend at the moment. I was hoping to be closer to 9kg at this stage, but we'll see. The scales is just a motherfucker really. So many people quit because of something like this. I was looking at my graph for the 31 days and it's like up, down, up, down, up, down, up, down, up, down the whole way for the 31 days, despite most of the 7.7kg that was lost in the first week.

Yeah, so interesting day. Went to paddle club, got a long walk in before that paddle club. I'd prefer my gym than I'm in, and I think that's all I'll say about it. I think some of these outdoor gyms, they're not very protected from wildlife and some of the weights had bird shit on them, which isn't the nicest thing in the world. I had the bagel that you saw in the video with some Perinaise and cheese and crispy onions and ham slices. I was in a rush, but it was like 445 calories and I think 36g of protein. So not too bad, not great, but not too bad. And when you're in a rush, that's going to do.

Then I had dinner, which was the pizza you saw, again, 37g of protein, which isn't great for dinner, but it's still better than nothing. And when I had that many calories to play with, after I only having a protein mousse before that, I wasn't too bothered about having the pizza.

Then after that, I had a wrap with some chicken pieces in it, and again, some Perinaise to try and again, get my protein up. And other than that, I had an ice cream, so not the best day nutritionally, but less than 2,200 calories and still 133g of protein in there. That's a pretty low day protein wise for me.

It might be the reason the scales isn't going the way I want. I definitely have more carbs than I'd usually have because my proteins are like, if you're hitting the same amount of calories and you're having less protein, then carbs and fats naturally have to be higher, and my carbs are higher than they usually will be, so I'm probably retaining some water. But yeah, there's really no reason other than that for the scales not to be that they've jumped back up.

I am lifting heavier, which means I've built more muscle, but that's going to be minimal in there. So hopefully there's just something going on. Maybe, I dunno, maybe a bit undigested food in the system that's not clearing. Who knows? We won't get disgusting about it. But yeah, really, really good day.

It was a day off cardio and I didn't hit a PB on the weights, but I matched my PB, on my deadlift, which is the only one I really care about. And yeah, I got the cold plunge and got a badly needed massage. A lot of people go on about rest and recovery, but I try and my sleep isn't great at the moment, but my recovery is done through walking, which kind of seems counterproductive, but if you talk to physiotherapists or professional sports teams who exercise quite intensely, walking is much better than sitting on the sofa watching Netflix.

So I'm pretty happy with where my recovery is based on my exercise and the massage today helped that as well. So that's it. Nothing else to really talk about.

Day 31 in the books.

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