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Video Diary - Day 32

Blown Away!


Alright, welcome to the video diary for Day 32. Bit of a different day today, 7.5 kilos down on the scales. Scale's been really annoying. There's just no two ways about it. I'm not doing anything wrong. I know I'm not, I've done it long enough to know what I'm doing right and what I'm doing wrong, and yeah, I'm hitting my calorie deficit every day. I'm exercising hard, I'm getting my steps in.

There's a couple of things that might be going wrong - not enough fibre. So some undigested food, it might be excess salt intake, both of those could lead to water retention. It might be some added muscle. I have definitely built some muscle because I'm hitting PBs across all my exercise pretty much at the moment, and so then therefore I have to have been building muscle. I don't expect it to be a massive factor and the reason why, but I was 8.1kg down a good few days going now and I'm quite a bit away from that. So yeah, no rhyme or reason. That's the way weight loss goes. If I look at my graph for the month, it's just up down after week one. It's just up, down, up, down, up, down, up, down, up, down. And I know it is frustrating. I just know not to let it kind of get in the way. Everything else is going well.

Today I had Irish breakfast wrap at 1:00 PM then I've kept my calories super low so far today. So about two hours ago I had Konjac noodles with mushroom, onions, Philadelphia, tomato concentrate, mustard, and a stock cube all mixed together to make this sauce with paprika and onion powder, garlic powder, salt, pepper and orgegano. And just looking now, the entire calories for that dish were 470 calories, which for the size of the bowl which was the size of my head, and you'll have seen it in the video and 52g of protein, so you cannot beat that. So it's looking like a strong possibility that by day 40, I will have to drop my calories. And so something like this is going to be absolutely essential for me to still feel like I'm not a diet if I drop my calories down super low. Definitely don't recommend anyone else doing that. I will at that point be in a severe deficit. I haven't eaten anything else other than a pack of mini Oreos and a chocolate protein mousse today. So that's only 1,321 calories for the day so far. I'll still eat something small, but I might bank some calories. It'll be the first day so far in the journey I haven't hit 2,200 calories if I do that today.

I was pretty late in the gym. We spent all day announcing our app and working on that, which I could not be more excited for. It's going to be absolutely unbelievable and it's going to help a tonne of people lose weight. So yeah, stay tuned for when that's released and make sure you can go and add your name to the waitlist for it now.

Once I got to the gym, I ran a 5K after doing my push session, another PB on bench press, on my high rep bench press today. The 5K was unbelievable. Maybe it was after the massage yesterday but I just felt I was just cruising. I was really slow. I was doing my seven minute kilometres and that was the point of it today. It wasn't trying to kill myself. You have to mix running fast and slow, but I felt like I could have run a marathon at that pace today. I was just cruising, I was looking around, I was talking. It wasn't a problem.

So I'm really, really, really happy with that and could well run a faster 5k this Sunday when I run one outside. And so, yeah, that's it. That was basically the day to day spend all the day working other than going to the gym and cooking. Did go to a market briefly, but didn't find anything nice. That is it.

Day 32 in the books.

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