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Video Diary - Day 33

Best Day Ever!


Alright, welcome to the video diary for Day 33. 8 kilos down on the scales this morning. Today has been the coolest day ever. I released my app to the public or at least let them know about it. And the interest has been unbelievable. There's hundreds of people on the wait list. It's absolutely incredible. Yeah, I'm kind of blown away to be honest, and over the moon. I can't wait to get started with these 20 people and then get it to everyone else. It's a long, long time coming and a long project in the works.

Today was very much a busy day of working on that and getting the videos up and not only the daily video, but the videos for the app and working on the app and talking to the app creators and all that stuff. So I did get 11,969 steps in and then I went to the gym. I got a leg session done and then kind of a mix of cardio. I didn't have my girlfriend with me to film, so you won't see any of it because I needed to use my phone as a timer because I was doing some boxing and that covered my gloves and I took a little video when I did some sprints after that on the treadmill. But kind of a mix and mash, nothing consistent, no kind of programme. So just kind of getting something done today, you wouldn't have seen it in the video because it's a full day of eating.

It was about 600 calories, 60g of protein for the frittata. I made the mistake of adding that Perinnaise to it. It just wasn't necessary. I just did that so it would look cool on Instagram. And that was a big mistake. I kind of promised myself never to do shit like that. And then of course I did it today and that added 77 calories that I could absolutely use elsewhere. It didn't add anything to it. It's already perfect as cheese chorizo and red onion. It's amazing as just that. So it took away from it and added calories to it then. But the frittata itself is fucking amazing, to be honest.

I didn't eat for hours after that. The frittata was at 1:00 PM and I only had my first big meal, which was the chicken, Caprese salad and spuds about two hours ago. And then that sandwich, which was incredible. I was just making something on the fly and it was absolutely incredible. That sandwich that needs to go on a recipe book. It was so simple. But to be honest, if you put crispy onions and this low-fat bacon alternative or low calorie bacon alternative, and you crisp it up in an air fryer, those two things will add 80 calories to a meal, but it will increase the deliciousness of the meal by 10x.

Cispy onions is 30 calories for 5g and the low-fat bacon is about 40 something calories for three slices, and it just makes such a difference to a meal. Just making it feel like you're not on a diet. You'll see how regularly I've eaten them over the programme. I consistently add those two things to my meals.

And so yeah, that is it for today. A really good day. Hit the 8kg mark again. It's been five days since I was at the number eight on the scales. So yeah, fingers crossed. We keep going down, but who knows, we'll probably be back up again. So that's it.

Day 33 in the books.

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