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Video Diary - Day 35

Biggest Drop Yet!


Alright, welcome to the video diary for Day 35. Huge movement on the scales this morning down 9.4 kilos on the scales. That is exactly five kilos in exactly four weeks. I lost obviously a good bit of weight in the first week, a lot of water, but on Day 7 I was 122.7. And on Day 35 I'm 117.7, so it's really good weight loss, I can't complain with that five kilos in four weeks, especially when there's been some muscle, a good bit of muscle built in that time.

I have to be happy with that, but it's not going to get me to the 25 kilo goal. So on Day 40 I'm going to have to look at calories again and see how I'm getting on today. I know gym today, so I went for a walk with the dogs and while doing that, got a 5K run in really nice to smash my time from last week. Last week I ran 29:15 on a downhill course and today I ran 28:20 on a flat course. So huge improvements in my running. I'm not going to shave a minute off every week. That's crazy. And I think maybe even four minutes off last week.

So yeah, really, really happy. Now I almost died when I finished the 5K. I was so tired and I pushed myself. I would've liked to have gotten those five seconds so it was a full minute, but still considering the difference in the courses. Yeah, just really good. Great. So yeah, I've said it before, motivation and how you're feeling - It's just peaks and troughs in a weight loss journey and I was at a trough I'd say about this time last week, really struggling. I think it was last Monday and today I am on top of the world really, it's the complete opposite. Weighing scales is moving, seeing improvements in my runs, finding it easy to stick to the deficit, just everything going really well. So super happy food wise. Today I had Protein Porridge for breakfast at lunch and didn't eat again until pretty late. And I had a wrap with some Irish bacon, not the low calorie bacon I usually use and some chicken thighs I'm still using up and Nando's Perinnaise. And then I had a good few snacks today, a half a bag of the bigger bags of crisps. I had an ice cream and I'm about to have this bar as well. It's only 130 calories.

So my protein's going to be a little lower today. Might see a jump in the scales tomorrow, but I'm okay with that. I know I'm hitting my deficit so the body fat change won't be different. And that is it. Yeah, I'm going to have to maybe change it up a little bit to try and not skydive. If I fail, I'm going to have to do it and I'm going to shit my pants.

Other than that, check out the app. My waitlist is available down below this video and it's going to be an absolute game changer for people to lose weight. I've been on one super successful journey, thousands of failed journeys, and I'm on another so far successful journey and this so far successful journey was done thanks to this app.

I've spent almost a year working on it. And I'm absolutely over the moon with how it is and it's going to help so many people. So I'm going to take on 20 people this week to test the app and then once I'm confident it's working for 20 people, it's going to be released to the public. And if you want to be one of those 20 people, join the wait list. The link is in my bio, and that's it.

Day 35 in the books.

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