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Video Diary - Day 36

Maths of Weight Loss!


All right. Welcome to the video diary for Day 36. A little jump on the scales this morning. Not a surprise when I dropped like 1.3 kilos the day before. I'm exactly 9 kilos down and 9 kilos in 36 days is great. I think we can take the first week out of the equation because that is going to be mostly water weight. And so in the last four weeks I've lost 5 kilos and I did the maths on that.

I dunno if anyone's interested, there's 7,700 calories in a kilo of body fat. And so five times 7,700 is what? 38,700? Something like that. And so that's the amount of calories I've burned. And so I've done the calculations on if I was to continue in a 1,375 calorie deficit, which is what that works out as per day over the last four weeks. This is very rough maths - there's lots of other stuff going on. There's muscle growth, there's more water leaving the body. I don't know how much water is in my system. It's going to vary day to day, so it's very rough maths. But if I was to continue at 1,375 calorie deficit, I would lose another just under 11 kilos in the last 60 days. And so that wouldn't get me to my goal. Even if I was 10 kilos down by the end of this week, which would be day 40 with 60 days left, I'd lose another 11ish and I'd be at 21kg. Now what I can do is drop my calories by another 500 but that would be a pretty severe deficit for me.

For the mental exercise, I probably burn, let's say about 3,600 calories a day based on the maths, which is very high and not likely to be the same for anybody listening. But I exercise a lot. I've a lot of muscle mass fortunately. I'm a male. I have high testosterone levels, a lot of things in my favour. And so if I was to drop a 500, I'd be eating 1,700 calories, so almost half what I burn a daily basis. But that would get me very, very close to the 25 kilo goal. That's an extra 4 kilos. If I drop by 500 calories for 60 days, that's an extra 4 kilos of body fat lost. That's what the maths would say. And so I might have to do that. So I'm going to wait until Day 40 and with 60 days left, see where I am, it's going to mean Christmas is pretty miserable. And yeah, I might have to eat even lower than 1700 a few days to enjoy Christmas. I maybe I'll just take one day off. I don't like taking a day off. I like to at least bank calories in advance or something like that. But I have a drinking occasion on the 7th of December. I'm going to be drinking on Christmas day with my family and then potentially New Year's Eve as well.

So it's going to be hard, but that's looking likely what I'll have to do to avoid skydiving. And so that's a little maths for anyone who gives a shit. And then, so today, super busy day, a lot of phone calls, apps, check-ins with my clients, all of that. And then trying to obviously diet and exercise. Went to the gym, got my push session done, was not able to, PB actually lost a rep versus last week of my bench press, but did PB some other exercises, which is great, but not the priority for me from a weights perspective. And then we spun the wheel. We got 500 metre row repeats, so like intervals basically where I'd row for 500 metres which takes me just less than two minutes. And then I'd take a 1:30 break and then repeat that. And so that was fine. It's killer. Rowing is just so tough. It really is. And two minutes of kind of sprinting almost. But anyway, it's nice to get it done and nice to have something new.

I hurt my knee running yesterday. Didn't realise it at the time, but I woke up this morning. I have a lot of pain in my right knee. I had surgery on that right knee when I was 18. Yeah, so 16, 17 years ago I had surgery on that knee. And yeah, I'm okay with a little bit of pain. It's not like damage or anything, so I'll push through it for now. I had an Irish breakfast wrap this morning, not my normal one with no eggs in the house. I replaced that with the black pudding because when to use it up, I hate throwing out good food. So I had a little bit of that. And then for when I got back from the gym, I had the exact same sandwich you would've seen in my full day of eating, except for I added some garlic carrots into it. It's absolutely unbelievable. I just came upon it because I was being lazy one day and I was like, I can throw this together in two minutes. I'm going to be having that sandwich a lot. It's just whatever combination, it looks good, it tastes good. So that is a new staple for me, and I can put it together in five minutes once I have chicken precooked, which happens a lot because I don't like throwing out food. So if there's chicken about to go off, I'll cook it and keep it in the fridge and use it.

Day 36 has been a good day. I've got more work to do now this evening or tonight, and I will have something else to eat. I still have just about 900 calories left to eat today. I haven't quite decided yet what I'm going to eat, but with that many calories, I'll fit something in for around 700 calories and then have an ice cream or something like that. That's my general go-to, I might even have a pizza. And then a Twister ice cream, which are very low calorie, like 70 and make my Turkey pepperoni and four cheese pizza.

Last thing, yeah, the app is going to go, well, not quite live, but going to be available to 20 people tomorrow. The email's going to go out, so this is your last chance to get on the wait list before the email goes out so that you can be one of the 20 people that comes on. So it'd be the first 20 people to click the link and use the discount code will get to join the platform, and as soon as that happens, it's no longer available. No purchases of any subscriptions will be available, and I'll be working closely with those 20 people to change their lives before Christmas and after Christmas. They'll be with me for six months for £149, which is a 50% discount on what the six month fee is going to be when it's released to the public. And they'll have that discount for life if they ever need it again, or it's not just about losing weight. It's also about maintenance plans. I have those as well from when people are finished. That's it.

Waitlist is at the link in my bio. Just click any of the links on my homepage. I'll bring you through to put your email in. Can't wait to get started. I'm champing at the bit. Huge amount of work's been going in particularly over the last 11 months, but particularly over the last week or two to make sure everything's going to be great for all the people who are going to change their lives. So that's it.

Day 36 in the books.

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