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Video Diary - Day 37

Knee Pain!


Alright, welcome to the video diary for Day 37. I'm 8.7 kilos down the scales. Not a surprise that I jumped back up after the huge drop on day 35. So hopefully this will come down again over the next few days. Still doing everything right today, just working most of the day, but got to the gym, got my leg session done, seeing big improvements on my hip thrust or glute bridge. So hopefully my ass is going to be in better shape in a few months time.

I have been having an issue with my knee since running a 5K on Sunday. Well, I didn't feel it that day, but when I woke up in the morning, I just felt just a little pain, a little weakness there. I did feel a little bit while I was in legs, but I knew I had to run anyway, so I just made it a slow run. I could definitely feel it on the slow run, not as bad as I've had it on either my last journey or when I completely blew out my knee when I was 19. I had a complete rupture of my posterior cruciate ligament and a torn meniscus. I had a grade 2 tear of my MCL as well, so it's just something I've been dealing with for years.

On my last weight loss journey (when I disappeared) for about three weeks, my knee just swelled up massively. At that time my mindset was to just stick to the plan. It didn't matter. The pain's going to be temporary, you just keep on doing it. Probably not advisable, almost certainly not advisable. My best friend's a physiotherapist and he would definitely tell me I'm an idiot, but it worked and after about three weeks it went away.

At the moment the pain is nowhere near where it was and the last journey, and hopefully it doesn't get there, but I'm going to keep on training through it for now. I just don't want anything to get in the way of my good habits. And if it does come to the point where I have to stop and do something else, I'll figure that out. It's just an opportunity to find something else. I'm not going to make me quit or anything like that.

Food wise, I had protein porridge for breakfast. This sandwich that I keep on making it is absolutely phenomenal. I didn't have the roasted red pepper, so I switched it up for a tomato and caramelised onion sauce, almost like a pasta sauce. And it was so good still, but it's definitely better with the roast red peppers, and then the pizza for dinner, which I'm sure you'll see in the video. That was amazing. I do still prefer mozzarella cheese to cheddar cheese, but that pizza is 875 calories. It's not great protein, but still has 38g of protein. So you really can't complain if you can easily fit that in once a week and it's going to be better than any takeaway. And so yeah, nothing else to talk about today. App goes live tomorrow. Very excited about that. And that's it.

Day 37 in the books.

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