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Video Diary - Day 38

Rough Day!


Welcome to the video diary for Day 38. Yeah, today, just stuck on my desk all day working. Unfortunately, my email didn't go as well as I wanted and so I'm doing that again tomorrow. And so I was putting out fires all day, trying to make sure that my email will go out to people so that they can get the discount code for the 20 people to use the app.

I literally have been either working or cooking, which I've only actually had two meals and been to the gym. And so my food today so far has been an Irish breakfast wrap, the sandwich that you see in absolutely every video for the last three videos - that's almost daily at the moment. It's just so good. It's quite nutritionally dense as well. So I'm that, and I've had half a pack of these crisps as well. So that's been my food so far. I still have what 700 calories left to eat today? So I dunno what I'm going to have yet. I had planned to do a pasta, but it's after midnight, so I'm definitely not going to do that now, so I'll change that up. Exercise wise, did leg day at the gym making some progression with my... oh no, sorry, I didn't... I did push day at the gym. It was supposed to be a pull day, but I forgot my wrist straps, so I couldn't do heavy deadlifts. So I've just swapped some days around and I'm so tired. I can't even think, I can't even remember what I did a few hours ago. So tired.

I got through the push day and then because my knee is sore at the moment, I did 15 minutes on the StairMaster, at a slightly higher pace, and then I did more than 15 minutes of boxing intervals. And so they were the two exercises today. Got them done, got home, ate, and then just started working again. I'm still in my gym gear, which is disgusting. So yeah, 9.2 kilos down on the scales, which is good.

After seeing big drops, I always expect to bounce up and I did that the last two days and now we're back down to around where the jump was and so yeah, that's it. Nothing else to write home about today, just hard work and getting it done. Calorie deficit, post a video and exercise. The only three non-negotiables, everything else can be negotiated. That's it.

Day 38 in the books.

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