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Video Diary - Day 39

Rough Day!


Alright, welcome to day 39 of the quest... I've done 38 of them and I still can't get it right...

Alright, welcome to day 39 of the video diary. I am 9.5 kilos down today, which is nice. It's a new low, which is great. Only by a 100g but I'll take it. My motivation's back down really low at the moment. Today I had to go get a tux because I've got a mate's wedding that I'm going to and so that just took up lots of my day. I had to work while I was in the car and stuff and today was my day off cardio.

I am just back from the gym. I'm still in my gym gear and it's 10:15pm and I haven't even decided what I'm going to eat yet. We did go to McDonald's while we were shopping, so that was nine nuggets and a pack and a half of Buffalo sauce, which is just over 500 calories in total. This morning I had a frittata, which was unbelievable. So I've still just like over a thousand calories to play with today at 10:15 PM which is quite nice. I am hungry though.

Exercise wise. I PB'd my deadlift again by one rep, which is nice. And that's kind of really the only thing to write home about from the gym. Thank you to everyone who signed up to my app. I'm super grateful to get you to work - really, really grateful. So the people who signed up, I can't wait for them to get to use it. They've put in all their details and we're going to build them the most unbelievable personalised programmes ever.

It's not going to be available to the public for the next while, while I make sure that these people go through it fine. And then it's going to be released at a higher price. I just wanted to get a lifetime discount for the people who tried it at first. So if you're interested in trying it out at another time, you can click anywhere on my website and you can join the waitlist for priority access, but at the moment it's not going to be available to you. So that's it.

Day 39 in the books.

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