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Video Diary - Day 41

1700 Cals Day 1!


Alright, welcome to the video diary for Day 41. It's the first day at 1700 calories. Hasn't gone too badly so far because we got up, went to the gym super early and I had brought a protein shake with me to the gym, which is obviously lower in calories than what I'd usually have for breakfast, which tends to be around 400 to 500 calories. This was 230 and then we were going straight from the gym to go for the hike and it was a nice hike but I couldn't really eat anything the whole time. Didn't prepare well, just brought water with me. My girlfriend got some Kinder Buenos, so we split a kinder bueno in the car. It's an extra 110 calories for half a kinder bueno or for one stick. And so it didn't really change that much. I've just had Konjac noodle pasta dish, Mexican flavoured, and it's 7:45PM at night and I still have a thousand calories to play with, so it hasn't changed that much yet. Obviously not every day is going to be like today where I don't eat for hours because I cannot.

Other than that weight session went really well this morning. Hike was enjoyable once we got away from the tour guide. Who would put anyone to sleep. If you're an insomniac you can look him up and we just mowed on and finished it and it was, yeah, some beautiful views, a really nice hike.

I have a thousand calories so I'm definitely going to have an ice cream and then I will have some kind of protein heavy meal I think. But I haven't decided yet.

That 400 calorie pasta that you'll see in the video is it's unbelievable for 410 calories. And so that's going to be a big part of my strategy for hitting the 1700 calories. I will be using Konjac noodle pasta. It's just going to mean I'm full all the time. It's going to make 1700 calories a lot easier. Just hunger is a big problem when you're in a calorie deficit, especially when you're an enormous calorie deficit like I am. And so I just want to not be hungry and the noodles allow that. It also has fibre.

If I had included pasta instead of the Konjac noodles, I would be talking about 700 calories for that dish or maybe 650 instead of the 410. So it is expensive, but it's more expensive paying medical bills in 20 years. So I'm going to stick with the Konjac noodles for the next 60 days. And so yeah, that's it really. 117.6kgs matches a 9.5 kilo loss. That's my lowest so far, but I'm expecting hopefully some big changes over the next few weeks with this lower calorie limit. But we'll have to see. And that is it.

Day 41 in the books.

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