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Video Diary - Day 42

I am dead!


Alright, welcome to the video diary for Day 42. Today's been a massive struggle. Second day on 1700 calories and it hasn't been tough from a hunger perspective, it's more been tough mentally - my motivation. I really didn't want to get off the sofa today really. I think at midday I said to Nastya - I was like, oh, we should just spend the day on the sofa.

And I knew I couldn't do it and I knew I wouldn't do it, but it's just what I wanted more than anything. And so I dropped her off. She was teaching people Irish dancing. I went to the gym and I sat outside the gym for at least 40 minutes, probably more, just wasting time. I just had no interest in going inside. And yeah, that's the first time that's happened where I've just sat outside. So it's probably in terms of motivation to exercise, the lowest I've been on the journey. And once I got into the gym, it was great. I PBd on a few different lifts, which I wasn't expecting because my calories are so low and didn't think I'd have a lot of energy, but I managed to do it. But when I left the gym. I still didn't feel massively better. I certainly felt better than before I went in, but still I knew I had to run a 5K. And there's really, in my opinion, no harder run than a 5K because you're just close to max effort. You're not at max effort, but you're at like 85% max effort for over 25 minutes in my case. And they're just really hard. And so when I came home from the gym, I just needed something. So I grabbed a sandwich and then I cut some of the calories off so instead of sliced pan, I used sandwich slims and instead of two slices of cheese, one slice of cheese. I just made some calorie hacks, reduced the amount of Nando's Perinnaise that I was using as well.

Then I went for the run and I smashed it, which is great. Every time I run, I want to try and beat it by minute. Now that's not going to continue to happen. That's obviously impossible. But that's the aim. And so I knew what pace I needed to set out on and I was just checking my watch all the time. And so first kilometre I think ran something like 5:23 and then I just tried to stick to that the whole time. Now it was incredibly tough. I can't reiterate that enough. There was a lull at the 2.5K mark. There was lull once I hit the 4K mark where I was dropping to 5:40s. And yeah, it was just hard. And then anyway, in the end I did beat my last time by minute. I beat it by 1:12 or 1:08 I can't remember, which was more than I beat it by last week at pretty much the exact same weight.

Last week I was 117.7kgs and today I'm 117.3kgs - So 400g difference and I managed to beat it by minute, which is awesome. It just shows that the hard work I've been putting in is paying off. But I'm dead now. I am dead. And Sunday night for me is not the night to be dead. I have Instagram live to do. I've videos to edit and just a lot of preparation.

Food-wise: This morning I started with the frittata again, made some edits to my goat cheese one. I reduced the amount of cheese, reduced the amount of chorizo, added in some Turkey sausage to beef up the protein content. And then after that I had the sandwich that I mentioned earlier before the run. And I just had the pasta dish that you'll see in the video, which was unbelievable, but it was like 680 calories. But I like to have more calories in the evening and it was super cheesy pasta. It was nice. And I have room for a twister. I have very little calories left. I think I have 60 calories left, but that's enough for a mini twister.

So that's what I'll have before bed, which isn't going to be too long because it is 11:43PM now. So that's it. I am 117.3 kilos today, which is the lowest of any day so far. It is 9.8 kilos down on the scales. I'm pretty sure I'll hit the 10 kilo mark in the next 48 hours, hopefully in the morning. And that's it.

Day 42 in the books.

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