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Video Diary - Day 43

I've hit 10kg!


Alright, welcome to the video diary for Day 43, 10.2kg down the scales. Finally past the 10 kilo mark. I was expecting it to come with the drop in calories, whether it's body fat or with the drop in calories, you're naturally going to consume less carbohydrates, so you're going to retain less water. So I knew yesterday being 9.8kg, that it was going to come in the next 24 to 48 hours and it came within 12 hours this morning when I jumped on the scales. So yeah, super happy to finally get past that mark.

43 days in, 10 kilos is good, but I have 57 days to reach another 15 kilos, which is not great. It looks like I'm going to be jumping out of a plane. So today I got a weekly shop done. We buy so much food, we eat everything here, the two of us. So yeah, didn't change up what I was buying that much. I'm just going to kind of rework some of the ingredients and eat the meals that I like to eat. Even tonight, I was able to eat the full version of my favourite world's best sandwich because I had the calories for it.

So this morning I had protein porridge, then I had a wrap, which wasn't great. It was okay. The garlic perinnaise from Nando's is great, but just the garlic sauce which is not like a mayonnaise - it just doesn't add anything to it. I'm going throw it out. It's just heat and there's no flavour. And so I used that because it's low calorie and to enter into my wrap and it just ruined the whole wrap with all heat and no flavour. So that's what I had for lunch. Then for dinner, had my world's greatest sandwich. And then I will have a 64 calorie pack of Space Raiders for before I go to bed. So pretty soon right after this. And that will be my food for the day.

Gym wise, yeah, did a push session. Definitely not going to expect huge improvements in my weights at this stage with calories this low, I managed to match what I did last week on my bench press. And then because of less muscle glycogen, the more I got through the workout onto different exercises, I was actually going down in weights and I wasn't able to do as much as I was able to last week. And that's natural. I'm just not going to have the energy to do it. And I'll see that across all my lifts in all days.

Then after that, I did 25 minutes on the StairMaster, which was a challenge. It's the most I've done the StairMaster yet. Gravity is not my friend at 116.9 kilos. The StairMaster is very tough, but I wanted something reasonably quick that will burn a out of calories. It's not my favourite thing to do, but at least I can watch some YouTube while I'm doing it whereas when I'm on a treadmill, I can't do that. I would been looking down and my neck would be killing me and my running technique will be off. So it's a handy workout for that.

And other than that, just getting worked on all day. I finished work, what, 30, 40 minutes ago, so that's it. But yeah, spoke to a lot of the new clients are the first app users, so super excited for them. They're all starting this week. We're going to do some Zoom calls and they're all going to do a 100 day challenge starting in January, which I will release more details of to the public when the app goes live. And if you're looking to change your life and do what I did.

Hopefully I'll do for the second time and this time I've been using this app, you can join the priority waitlist on my link bio or on my website, and you will get notified as soon as it's available to the public. And that is it.

Day 43 in the books.

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