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Video Diary - Day 44

I've hit 10kg!


All right. Welcome to the video Diary for day 44, 10.7 kilos down on the scales which is great. Another big drop - that is almost a kilo over the last two days. So yeah, super happy with that. Today food-wise, I had protein porridge for breakfast at lunchtime. I followed that up with a chicken thigh with some potatoes and low calorie bacon and crispy onions, and my low calorie garlic sauce, which is just the best sauce ever.

That was at 6PM or 7PM and then the Newcastle match was on. And so I couldn't peel myself away from that to eat. I had planned a Korean stir fry and some babybel cheeses, which are breaded and put in the airfryer. They will be coming soon, but in the end, it was like 11:30 so I decided, "Hey, I've got loads of calories. I'm not going to eat that. I'm going to have a big bag of crisps and an ice cream and a kinder bueno" which is fine.

It was still within my calorie deficit. I don't do that too often. Almost never actually, but I'm okay with doing it every now and again. So yeah, my protein level is going to be super low. I'm probably going to retain a lot of water, so I won't be surprised to see the scale jump up in the morning, but it won't be body fat, and that's all that matters because I've definitely lost body fat if I've stuck to my calorie deficit.

Today's exercise, went to the gym, did a leg session, actually a really good leg session. I've hit PBs on quite a few lifts, which I wasn't expecting because just with the low calories, I wasn't expecting to be able to continue to have the energy to do that. And I added in some ab work, which I haven't been doing for a while. Just some ab crunch machine, which is pretty much the best ab work you can do. And so a few sets of that. That'll be coming into my programme a little bit more over the next few weeks, just adding an exercise.

Aafterwards, I did a slow 5K run on the treadmill. Felt amazing. I did a little bit faster than my last 5K run, but still, my heart rate was great. I was just really happy. I felt absolutely amazing afterwards. And then got destroyed by Newcastle, getting a penalty against 'em in the 96th minute - That definitely wasn't a penalty. So yeah, a bit deflated but feeling great about the weight loss. Everything's good. I think I just under 10,000 steps so yeah, steps are a bit lower this week so far. I generally make them up as I go throughout the week. I'll do another 10K run this week. I'll probably do a long walk somewhere at the weekend so I'll make it up for at least to hit my 10,000 average because all I'm aiming for rather than 10,000 per day.

And I've onboarded some more of the first app users. Really excited about that. Some unbelievable feedback so far as well. And yeah, if you want to join the app when it's released to the public, put your name and email in at my website so that you can get priority access when it does go public. And that's it.

Day 44 in the books.

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