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Video Diary - Day 45

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

Almost half way to the 25kg!


Alright, welcome to the video diary for Day 45. Massive jump down on the scales this morning from 116.4 to 114.8. It's a 1.6 kilo drop. It's the biggest drop so far, I was not expecting a drop that big. I'll absolutely take it, and especially after the last night, my calories were very carb heavy. I was expecting some water retention, but who cares? It's nice. So in total now I'm down 12.3kg, 200g off my halfway point on Day 45. So yeah, delighted. Couldn't be happier about that today.

A lot of work this morning. Didn't get to the gym until 3 or 4PM. Did a pull session - PB'd my deadlifts. I don't think I PB'd anything else, but it was a nice session. And we had spun the wheel this morning and I got Fight Gone Bad, which is a CrossFit workout. I included the what is in the workout, in the description on the Instagram video, but it's wall balls, sumo deadlift high pulls, box jumps, push press, and it's supposed to be a row and it's every minute. So you'll do the first wall balls for a minute and then move on to the next exercise. And so you do all of that, you get a one minute rest, and then you do that three times. It was absolute killer. I was sweating my ass off. I left puddles on the floor of my sweat, but I knew it was only 18 minutes but I knew I was going to get two breaks in the middle, so I took them. And yeah, there was times I had to just put down whatever I was doing. I couldn't just keep on doing the wall balls or the sumo deadlifts. My technique on the sumo deadlifts is definitely off as well. It's not an exercise I do a lot, so it's something I can improve on. Maybe try it again at the end. We'll see.

Food-wise, I had a protein shake early. I wanted to save my calories for later in the day. And yeah, I decided to drop down to a protein shake, which is only 220 calories versus the kind of 450 and 500 calorie breakfast I used to have. And so after that, I didn't eat again until after the gym, which was, I think it was like 6PM when I got back. And my world's greatest sandwich and my new toasted sandwich maker and absolutely fucked it up. But now it was still absolutely delicious, but I absolutely ruined the bottom of it. The top of it was perfect. The bottom of it was just sludge, but it was still delicious.

And then the Babybel cheeses. And I'm going to have an Irish breakfast wrap now in the next half an hour. It's 11:30 at night, and I still have definitely over a thousand calories to eat. Just about to dig into the babybels and then I'll straight away have the Irish breakfast wrap with some black pudding.

App users are going well. If you want to join the waitlist for the app, it's on the link in my bio or it's on my website. It's going to be an absolute game changer for weight loss. And that's it.

Day 45 in the books.

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