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Video Diary - Day 18

New Low Weight!


Welcome to the video diary for Day 18, 6.6kg down on the scales. A nice bit of movement, half a kilo since yesterday, so happy with that. Today was a super busy day work-wise, just working on my app, phone calls, building a plan. Lots of stuff going on from an exercise perspective, I had a push day at the gym. It was one of my higher repetition push sessions, so I wasn't going for any PBs today.

From a cardio standpoint. I did some interval running. Again, I would've preferred, and my plan was to run just a slow 5K, but I actually started too fast in the treadmill. Overconfidence is always my mistake, and after about a kilometre I felt like I would't maintain the pace, and so I stopped and turned it into intervals. So I ran at 11km/hr, which is a 5 minute 27 second kilometre. And then I took a two minute 45 second break and I did that four times.

Then we did a huge supermarket shop. The fridge is fully stocked for a week, so hopefully won't need to pick up anything else. I'm feeling really good. Sleep's been a little bit better. Got some extra hours in and just finished a pizza tonight, which I allowed myself to have as it was well within my calories. And I have a protein shake to have too. It's actually after midnight now, but I'm going to have a protein shake before I go to bed. I will probably see a jump on scales tomorrow. I'm okay with that. I know I'm hitting my deficit, so I will have lost body fat even if the scales show some undigested food.

The double sessions are really, my body's become accustomed to them. That's three days in a row this week where I've done double sessions. I'll do another one tomorrow and another one at the weekend, and then my other weekend day will be a single session probably. It might actually end up to a double session being forced to do an Irish dancing class, but that will be fun. It won't be a real cardio session. It'll be actually double cardio that day, I think.

So that's it. I'm kind of happy still with where everything's going. Don't feel like I'm on a diet. My food's delicious and so yeah, really, really kind of content with everything. Would obviously love to get below the 120kg mark on the scales and was really hoping that would come this week. Hopefully it will come by the end of the weekend, but yeah, that's it.

Day 18 in the books.

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