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Video Diary - Day 48

Longest run yet!


Welcome to the video diary for day 48. I am back to 115.9 kilos on the scales. Not quite the low of a few days ago when I was 114.8, but I'm sure I'll come back to that in the next 24-48 hours.

Biggest thing today was Newcastle v Manchester United, very well deserved win - I'm all about it. And yeah, I couldn't be happier about that. Today, I've made protein pancakes for breakfast. First time I've done that in this journey. They were about 500 calories when I've added in the dolce de leche at the end. And yeah, they were pretty good, like protein pancakes, they're never going to be as good as normal pancakes. But they have over 43g of protein, which is decent. Not quite as good as my protein porridge and for a little bit more calories, but it's still pretty good.

And then for lunch, I didn't have that till much later in the day after I completed my 11 k run and I kind of made these kind of sandwiches. I get these thick ham slices and I put a dollop of Perinnaise, some crispy onions, slice of lowfat cheese, and then another ham slice and use the ham as like a sandwich. So I had two of those just to keep the calories low. I just wanted to have something a bit nicer later in the evening.

I really wasn't feeling well today. My energy levels were just super low. I really struggled through my 11K. the first 5K was grand. But at 116 kilos, getting through 11 K is super tough. Even getting through a 5K isn't the easiest. But yeah, I've got to be happy, at least I got it done.

Dinner was my world's greatest sandwich, but instead of using bread slices, I used a wrap. It's actually better in the sandwich, which I'm surprised at because wraps are almost always better. And then my snacks through the day, I had a protein kind of pudding thing and an ice cream sandwich, which is kind of my go-to for 145 calories. It can't be beaten. And so that's it. Energy levels are super low. I basically did the gym and then I was on the sofa all day. My steps were terrible. They would've been 4,000 without the 11K run. Yeah, everything going well.

Signed up to the priority waitlist for the app at the link in my bio and yeah, that's it.

Day 48 in the books.

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