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Video Diary - Day 64

I'm back!


Alright, welcome to the video diary for Day 64. We're going to get back into these. There's been a lack of consistency with them since Day 52 or something. Just too much time and it's time to get back to them. Obviously a lot has happened in the interim. Alcohol trips to Newcastle, whatever. Going to gloss over them for now. If you want to dig more into them, message me or look at the videos that I've done before today.

Got up this morning. Monday's busy day for me. I ate a protein porridge, which is my first time having that in about a week, and that is a staple. That fibre intake - it's just so important to make sure everything's running smoothly. So glad I'm back to that. It's also so filling and so much protein. I get 60g of protein in it for 440 calories, so that's awesome.

Then I went to the gym and did a push session. Felt really good, actually, best I felt in the gym in a while. Managed match my bench press PB. Managed a few PBs on other exercises that I wasn't expecting and then went straight from there down to run a 5K. It's my first time trial in two weeks.

I had a few negative comments running through my head and that's the thing about negative comments. A lot of people take them to heart. I use them the opposite. I'd almost like to hook them into an audio clip and just have them playing in my ears over and over again because they just motivate me massively. And so I had that ringing in my ears when I went for the run and had no idea what to expect.

My last run wasn't as good as my previous one and with the kind of inconsistency I'd had recently, I wasn't feeling like it was going to be an amazing run. Got off to the first kilometre and I realised one kilometre in that my watch was telling me my wrong pace. It was telling me I was running a 5:30 pace and I was really struggling at what I thought was 5:30 and that was below the pace I wanted to run. I wanted to run a 5:20 pace per kilometre and after kilometre I realised my watch was wrong and I'd actually gotten out to a 4:55 or 5:00 start for my first kilometre, which is way too fast.

But anyway, managed to push through it and beat my last time by about 50 seconds. I can't remember. So really, really nice to get that. It's a PB for this 100 days anyway, and it's the fastest I've run probably since, I dunno, March or April maybe. So yeah, really happy with that.

At home, I had the mushroom pasta that you'll have seen in the video that was amazing. 600 calories and then an ice cream sandwich as I did an Instagram story and finished off the day just now at 1:00 AM with a sandwich, kind of calorie hacked from my normal sandwich just to fit within the 1700 calories that I'm trying to eat.

Got a lot of exciting stuff coming over in the next nine days - launching the app. At the moment, I'm creating an 'Eat like Bryan' section for the app. A lot of the recipes on the app are super clean, very healthy, and as you probably know if you're watching this, it's not the way I like to eat, but I want to give people the option to eat that way because some people do prefer to eat like that, but I also want to give 'em the option to eat exactly like I eat, which is more enjoying your food.

There is some balance in there, of course, in terms of getting fibre in and micronutrients. But yeah, that's what I'm building out at the moment as well as some presentations that I want people to be able to watch such as Building Habits or Meal Planning. People think meal planning is just batch cooking and that's not what meal planning is. It's an element of it and it's not the most important part. So some of the interesting stuff that I've been doing, and that is it.

Day 64 in the books.

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