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Video Diary - Day 47

Another jump for no reason!


Alright, welcome to the video diary for Day 47. Another jump up on the scales this morning. Pretty annoying. I'm now 10.9 kilos down, having been 12.3 kilos down two days ago. I'm starting to think maybe the 12.3 was an anomaly on the scales. Maybe not, because I was still 115.6 yesterday, so up another 600g today, but hopefully it'll come back down tomorrow.

Maybe not, because today was kind of my day of 2,200 calories versus the usual 1700, and so the extra jumping calories might lead to some water retention. So we'll see how the scales goes tomorrow. It's still a calorie deficit for me, so I should still technically lose weight or lose body fat, but we'll see. So yeah, today food-wise, start with, I had a frittata around lunchtime and that's all I wanted to eat. I wanted to save my calories for going out for dinner, which I did with my girlfriend, my mom, my godmother, and my godmother's husband, which was lovely and had some tapas. Didn't really eat much tapas. I was expecting kind of more of a bigger meal because I'd saved like 1700 calories and I probably only used maybe a thousand of them. So when I got home I had a big bag of crisps and an ice cream sandwich, so all the good stuff. Yeah, so that was food for the day. Tapas was like patatas bravas, but not much. Some fish tacos, some popcorn, which is an odd one, and some padron peppers and yeah, just little bits.

Then exercise-wise, the day got away from me today really. I generally take my cardio break like Wednesday or Thursday or something like that. And I hadn't taken it this week and I wasn't going to take it today either, but just because the day got away from me and my plan was to do a 12 K run on top of my weight session and I just wouldn't have been able to do everything.

I had to make it to dinner, so took my cardio break today, got my leg session done in the gym, and now I have to figure out some way of fitting in a 5K run and a 12 K run back to back over the weekend, as well as my last pull session of the week. So I'm not really sure how I'm going to plan that over the next two days. I'm going to think about it tomorrow.

Everyone's on board on the app, which is great. People are losing weight already, which I love. Lots of great feedback. And the app is going to be officially launched very soon, very, very soon. Super excited that people are going to have it for changing their lives. So if you want to join the waiting list for that, you can get on the priority access list at the link, my bio, add your name, your email, your Instagram handle. Instagram handle. Is that what it is? Yeah.

And I'll send you an email as soon as it's live. It's going to go out to the email list before it goes anywhere else, so make sure you're on that list. And that is it.

Day 47 in the books.

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