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Video Diary - Day 49

Almost at the half way mark - again!


Alright, welcome to the video diary for Day 49, back to 114.8kg this morning. Super happy with that. It's joint lowest, but as I said, on my Instagram live earlier. The most important thing is the average weight over the week and I'm two kilos down versus my average weight from last week, which was exactly the point of dropping to the 1,700 calories. Super delighted with that. And as I was saying on the live as well, I do not recommend someone drop their calories so far from their maintenance. I'm in at least a 1500 calorie deficit based on my activity levels, which are very high at the moment, and my muscle mass, my age, my weight, my height, all these things. And so don't do that. And if you ever sign up to my app, it will not put you in a calorie deficit like that. If you are significantly obese, I'll put you between 500-1,000 calorie deficit and if you are closer to your goal weight, it'll put you in somewhere around the 500 mark. No need to go higher than that. I'm an idiot and I'm just challenging myself for the sake of Instagram and seeing what I can achieve in a hundred days, pushing myself.

It hasn't been great today. I slept in until 1p.m, which is crazy. I never do that. But I did it today and I needed it because I have no energy at all. Food-wise, all I've had today is an Irish breakfast wrap that I shared with my girlfriend and I still have 1,200 calories to eat, so I'm going to have some snacks. Definitely because it's now 9:30 at night, but I'll have a meal as well. Maybe some pasta dish, some mushroom pasta dish is kind of what I'm feeling. So yeah, something that'll definitely make up the 1200 anyway. And exercise wise - I stupidly - after yesterday doing an 11K run, came home and put my runners in the washing machine because they needed a wash. Just completely forgot the fact that I'd have to do a 5K today. Didn't even put on the wash yesterday. This is what happens when you're in a 1500 calorie deficit. Your brain just ceases to work properly. And so instead of being able to do the outdoor 5K run today, I did Boxing HIIT just 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off for 15 minutes boxing kind of rounds. And I have to make up that 5K tomorrow. But this just goes to show, just don't drop your calories that low.

Before I did the boxing, I did a pull session which went great and new PBs, which is great. It's great to see. Very excited for tomorrow when I get my body fat measured on my body scan done again. I did the last one on Day 3 I think. So it'll be interesting to see the difference. And I'll do another one on Day 100, but that is it for today.

If you want to join the priority access list for the waitlist for my app, which is coming out very soon, join, you can join the wait list at the link of my bio. So have a look for that. It's going to be great. People are getting on great so far. And that is it.

Day 49 in the books.

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