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Video Diary - Day 19

100 Burpee Challenge!


Alright, welcome to the video diary for Day 19. I'm 6kg down the scales, so a bit of a jump on the scales versus yesterday. I was expecting it. I ate pretty late, so there's definitely going to be some digestive food, but I hit my deficit and I definitely know I've lost body fat. Today was an interesting day. It was the first day of spin the wheel. I was dreading the 100 burpee challenge.

That was probably the single one I wanted to avoid early, but I got it. So I went to the gym, did a leg session before it, and then did the burpee challenge. How I did it was I did 10 burpees, took a 1 minute break, and I repeated that 10 times. So it took me, I think, just under 20 minutes to do the challenge. I thought doing legs beforehand, it was actually going to screw me, but it wasn't the legs that were struggling. It was like the front of my arms here, my front else that were really, really burning. I was just struggling to push myself back up onto my feet before the jump, especially in the last 50 reps. Yeah, that was pretty tough. Today I had protein porridge for breakfast, then was working all day, just didn't get around to eating until very late. So I had what was my single biggest calorie meal on this whole journey so far. It's a spicy garlic chicken wrap recipe that I invented almost two years ago. I had two of them, so I think came out to 1,100 calories. And then I still have plenty of calories left for some crisps and an ice cream. So yeah, my goal of improving my nutritional quality this week hasn't come to fruition. But you know what? On a weight loss journey, as long as you're hitting your deficit, you just got to be happy with that. One thing that's not going well is my steps only 4500 today, which I think is my second lowest day of the challenge so far. And I was supposed to be making them up. So over the weekend I'm going to have to really up them. I know I'm going to do a 5K run, but I'm just going to have to get in a tonne of steps. I might not hit the 10,000 average, but I'll be close enough and it's not the worst failure. I'm much more set on making sure I get my exercise in. But the walking is still important.

Would love to hit that 119kg on the scales in the next few days. Dunno whether I'm going to do it, but we'll see. I was thinking about it earlier and I think I will maybe do 30 to 40 days at my current calorie deficit, which is 2,200 calories (at least a 1000 deficit). If after 40 days I'm miles off the 25kg goal or I don't think that it is achievable, I will drop to 1700 calories, which is going to be pretty miserable, but it's only going to be for 60 days. I can do anything for 60 days. At least I tell myself that. So that's what I'll do.

I'd have to be really, really particular and the types of products I'm using to make sure I remain full, but it's definitely doable. I've done five weeks at 1,750 before and I got through it. So you just have to be smarter. There's less variety in your meals, but it's definitely possible. So that's my plan at the moment. If I drop to 500 calories to 1700, that means every 15 days I should lose an extra kilo on top of what I would if I was just eating 2,200 and that's the maths on it. And so with 60 days left after 40 days, if I started, then I would lose an extra four kilos over the last 60 days that I wouldn't have lost if I'd stuck to 2,200 for the 60 days.

So that's my plan of action. If it's going well, I'll probably delay it past the 40 days, but we'll see. Play it by ear and that's it.

Day 19 in the books.

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