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Video Diary - Day 46

Almost half way to the 25kg!


Welcome to the video diary for Day 46. I had a jump on the scale this morning, no surprise, after the massive jump the day before I went back up 800g. So I'm 115.6kg, which I think is 11.5 kilos down, which is still great. So yeah, super happy with that. Today was a really nice day. We went and got a Christmas tree and Christmas decorations. We still have to decorate it and then went to the gym and I did a push workout.

I really struggled today. It's just such up and downs. Yesterday at the gym, I was killing it, hitting PBs today at the gym. I could only match or had drastic drops off in what I was trying to do weight wise. It's going to be like that for the next 50 days. Just no doubt when eating in a calorie deficit this low, I'm just not going to have the energy to do it every day. And some days it's going to be good and some days are going to be bad and I'm have to take it. And after I did the weight session, then I went on the StairMaster for 25 minutes. And that was a huge struggle and which was a surprise to me because I did 25 minutes on the StairMaster a few days ago and I did it much easier and I was doing basically the same pace. I increased it a little bit, but nothing. After about three minutes I was ready to quit. So when that happens, what I just do is, okay, well let's get another few minutes in. And then I was at eight minutes really struggling and I was like, okay, let's just get to 10. And I just keep on putting a smaller and smaller goal. I don't think three minutes in "Jesus, I have to get to 25 minutes", which you do think about, you're like, "okay, why not just quit?" But instead I'm like, okay, well I can't quit now let's see what's the next goal and see how I feel. And I just kept on going. But by the end I think, yeah, I was dying. I was tripping over steps the odd time, and I was falling all the way to the bottom before climbing back up. So really hard.

And then I raced back here and because I had a podcast to do with great group of guys, so that was really enjoyable podcast. I'm not sure when it's coming out, but I'll post on my story when it is. And yeah, food-wise, today I had protein porridge for breakfast. I think my brain has gone to mush because I'm in such a big calorie deficit. It's hard to remember, it's hard to concentrate. But yeah, I had protein porridge for breakfast. I followed that up with a salmon and cream cheese bagel before the podcast, after the gym. And then I've just eaten my Korean chicken stir fry. I think you'll see all of it in the video anyway. And I still have a ice cream to eat, so I'm going to have a ice cream sandwich. And I have the calories for it.

A really good day of eating and pretty balanced too. A lot of fibre in my breakfast, a lot of fibre in my dinner, a lot of veg in my dinner. And then obviously getting fish, good fats in with my salmon and cream cheese bagel. Some good carbohydrates there in the bagel that I need for the exercise. I still will get to enjoy a snack with the ice cream sandwich. So probably at 1700 calories, about as good as you can do to enjoy food, not feel like you're on a diet and have pretty nutritious diet. There's like five or six different vegetables in my dinner.

I get criticised for that a lot. Not that I really care about what people's opinion on my diet is, but I do get criticised that I use too many processed foods and all that stuff, but I'm okay with it. And as long as I'm achieving the goal which is weight loss - the goal isn't to have the most nutritious diet in the planet and I'm achieving it. So yeah. So that's it. Really good day.

App users all going well. You can join the priority list for when the full release is out at the link on my bio. Just sign up to any of the email links, any of the buttons on my homepage, and you can join the waitlist for when it's out. Super excited for that. It's going to really help so many people lose weight, including myself at the moment. And that's it.

Day 46 in the books.

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